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   Mind Makeover helps women to heal their relationship with food, lose weight, overcome anxiety & master their stress.

Thereby, empowering them to take control of their choices, habits & behaviours to experience a more fulfilling life & create a positive self image.

At Mind Makeover, I provide programs & approaches that empower you to get back into the driver's seat of your life. No more self-doubt, no more what-if's, no more ruminating on the past, no more negative self-talk! You already possess the necessary resources to enjoy a healthy, rewarding & happy life &, by working together, we will RELEASE, RESET & REFOCUS those resources.

This will be achieved through a personalised combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) & Success Coaching. Each client & problem is unique, which is why I tailor every session specifically to your issues, personality, strengths & experience. This allows you to enjoy rapid, transformative & enduring change

And, for your convenience, sessions can be in-person or online, whatever works for you & your busy life!

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The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology has reported on various clinical studies comparing weight loss programs that incorporate hypnosis with those that do not. And programs including hypnosis consistently show considerably better results in both the short and long term. This is because hypnosis supports the adherence to healthy eating practices and exercise, both of which contribute to longer term success in all weight loss strategies.

Donuts, uncontrolled eating, controlled eating, weight gain, weight loss, mindless eating

She USED to be Controlled by FOOD - Level 1

General weight loss               

Our sessions address your relationship with food so you can lose weight & keep it off, love what you see in the mirror, increase your self-esteem, take control of your eating habits, improve your quality of life & be optimistic about your future!

Whether you are a mindless eater, a comfort eater, an emotional eater or you just eat too much, we can break those old patterns of behaviour. We can heal your relationship with food & heal your relationship with yourself.

The number of sessions will vary, depending upon how your relationship with food reveals itself, although 3-4 sessions is average.

Anxious, anxiety

She USED to be really ANXIOUS

General anxiety                      

Our sessions identify the cause & manifestations of your anxiety & release you from them so that you feel calmer, have a sense of control over yourself & your decisions, feel more optimistic, enjoy socialising more, can actively pursue the career you dream of & create whatever version of life that you desire & deserve!

We will release you from the genesis of your anxiety, so you can reset your beliefs & behaviours & refocus your life. 

The required number of sessions will vary for each person,  although 3-4 sessions is average.

Stress, stressed, stress release

She USED to be totally STRESSED 

General stress                         

Our sessions address your stress triggers & responses so you can approach life with a sense of calm, make decisions easily & logically, enjoy mental & physical relaxation, improve your physical health, look & feel younger, feel optimistic about your future & what it has in store for you, instead of stressing about it!

We will also identify the positive aspects of stress & reveal methods for you to master & utilise it, rather than have it control you.

The number of sessions will vary for each person,  although 3-4 sessions is average.

Ice cream, uncontrolled eating, weight loss method, virtual gastric band, lose weight

She USED to be Controlled by FOOD - Level 2 

Substantial weight loss                     

Our 5 session Better Band - Virtual Gastric Band program addresses your relationship with food so you can achieve significant & sustainable weight loss, improve your physical & psychological health, love what you see in the mirror, increase your self-esteem, take control of your eating habits, improve your quality of life & be optimistic about your healthy future!

Our program is the right choice if you have substantial weight to lose & feel like you need to do something a little more drastic to get results. You can experience the same results as actual Gastric Band Surgery without the expense, pain or recovery time!

Menopause Relief, Menopause, Hot Flushes, Night Sweats

She USED to get so HOT she would erupt 


Our 4 session Menopause Relief Program (MRP) allows you to regain control over your hot flushes & night sweats. 

Do you feel anxious or worried every time you go to work, or out with family & friends, because you never know when a hot flush will unexpectedly erupt from within in? Do you feel tired, stressed or depressed because of the night sweats that crash in like ocean waves & disrupt your sleep?

This program empowers you to reduce the intensity & frequency of your hot flushes & night sweats simply through relaxation, with NO medication at all. Menopause is the start of a fabulous new phase of your life & you deserve to enjoy it, not endure it! 

Would you like to experience powerful hypnosis or peaceful meditation at home?

Mind Makeover also has HYPNOSIS & MEDITATION RECORDINGS that you can purchase online! 

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