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Client Testimonials

I have been on the weight rollercoaster for years (even decades).  I could set my mind to losing weight, but it was keeping it off that was the problem. Very soon after all that effort, I was back up there again and unhappy with myself. 

I finally got to the point where I realised that it was my mindset around eating that needed to change.  It wasn’t about never having treats, but about sensible ‘adult’ decisions on portions so I could enjoy and be content with that instead of not having a STOP button! 

Kim’s sessions were amazing.  I had never done hypnotherapy before. 

I was so surprised at how simple some of the strategies were, how they make sense instantly and how subtly they just work, without me even having to think about it or put a whole lot of effort in.  I have just noticed that I’m not having those inner battles with myself when it comes to food control and choices.  And for me, that’s a very big improvement.

Now, I have these tools to help in the moment with food/portion decisions. I know that what Kim did has changed my programmed thinking into new thinking, which is so different to how I have been around food for most of my life.  And it's almost like it’s automatic.  It’s, dare I say it, easy!

Thank you Kim. Your work has been life-changing for me.  You’ve taken me from totally out of control to calmly making much better food portion decisions, that are helping me stay true to the healthy body that I want to have and to maintain.


You have changed my life! Not just the shape of my body, but the way I feel. I've lost 17kgs & am continuing to lose weight.  I have Type 2 Diabetes & as a result of my weight loss & changed eating habits I have reduced my daily injections from three to two & each dose is half of what it used to be. I was seeing a Diabetes Specialist for eight years & she no longer needs to see me at all.

Part of what I love about your program is the continual support that you give.  If I need encouragement I know I can phone you or listen to the hypnosis recordings that you gave me, which really puts me back on track. I’ve been to ‘weight loss groups’ before & never got any real support or encouragement, I felt like they only wanted to take my money & didn’t care about me. Your program is so different to that! I love that it’s not a ‘diet’, it’s actually a lifestyle, & it’s easy. I still have more weight to lose but it’s not a chore or depressing, like the millions of ‘diets’ I’ve been on before.

I hear all these overweight women talking about getting weight loss surgery & some are even getting money out of their super to pay for it. I always tell them how much healthier, safer & cheaper your program is! I know people who’ve had the surgery & regret it. There is nothing at all to regret about your Better Band - Virtual Gastric Band program, because there’s no downside, it’s all positive.

Once again Kim, thank you very much for your support & help. You are a shining light in a crappy world!

Julie D

 I came to MindMakeover for help with weight loss & comforteating. Through hypnosis & coaching, Kim helped me overcome the unhealthy habits that I formed as a young child & carried with me through my life.

I am currently losing weight but, most importantly, I'm choosing healthy options & not craving foods that I once considered comfort foods. My portion sizes have decreased significantly & my appetite has definitely decreased.

This has made a massive difference to my life, as I'm not eating to fill a void & often have to remind myself to eat.

Kim's Better Band - Virtual Gastric Band program really works at taking the cravings away. This is the first time I've eaten healthily without craving comfort foods like chocolate or chips & I'm no longer being controlled by my food choices!

Kim is such a positive person, so enthusiastic & knowledgeable about what she does & passionate about the programs she has developed. Kim is phenomenal!

I would recommend Mind Makeover to anybody who is struggling with any part of their life, but especially for weight loss. I'm a Hypnotherapist & was struggling to do the work myself, as I had blocks around my weight. I contacted Kim because I knew she specialised in this field & I'd seen the results she was having with others.

I am 100% satisfied after working with Mind Makeover.


I was overweight & feeling like food was controlling me rather than the other way around. I had started & failed on so many diets, I just wasn’t sure what to do next.  I lost 6kgs over the first few weeks & have kept it up since. I have a much better relationship with food & feel like I am back in control for the first time in years. It is such a great feeling.

Kim has so many tools to offer that help to keep me motivated & on track. The tools & experience Kim shares throughout the process helped put me back in control of my thinking & beliefs around food. We were able to explore some of the reasons I ate the way I did & replaced that thinking with more positive & powerful alternatives. Previously, I hated feeling hungry & would always overeat. Now, I am able to eat a much healthier meal size & feel satisfied because I know I have eaten enough. That alone has made a huge difference.

I feel more in control of my eating & feel better having lost weight. I now listen to what my body is telling me, when I have had enough. I know the journey to my full weight loss goal will take some time & I am confident the tools I have learnt through this will continue to support me long term.

Kim is a wonderful, caring, giving & downright lovely human. I had a few hurdles though the process & Kim demonstrated understanding & flexibility to support me through the process. I am so grateful for her kindness & skill. The tools & resources she has put together really support the process.

Julie P

I visited Mind Makeover because I wanted help with old unresolved issues/trauma from 30 years ago. The issues were holding me back from moving forward with my life. 

The sessions were amazing & life changing. I feel happy & no longer carry old burdens. I recently felt a lot of anger towards my Mother & now the anger is gone. I carried this in the back of my mind for 30 plus years.  

I would absolutely recommend Mind Makeover. Kim is wonderful & caring & I felt very comfortable sharing my trauma with her.

I am just so happy that I found Kim & worked through some old unresolved issues. I feel like a weight has been lifted & I can't believe how much happier I am with all areas of my life. I have my spark back.


I visited Mind Makeover because I wanted to delve deeper into how my mind influences my eating decisions & habits. So I was hoping the hypnosis could compliment the eating plan my nutritionist prescribed. The outcome was successful & I instantly found changes happening after my sessions

I was a really fast eater & I find now that I unconsciously chew my food more &, therefore, don’t overeat. I was also very unkind to myself around self talk about weight & eating habits. I find myself not beating myself up anymore, which is a relief.

Kim was such a pleasure to work with, she supported my goals & was always positive. I would absolutely recommend Mind Makeover & I feel that hypnosis was the missing link with my health journey. We often work on the physical aspect of food or weight loss, but not the mental.



I am so much happier as myself now, it’s brought out a side of me I have not seen in a very long time!! Honestly, the entire experience was amazing; I had never experienced hypnosis or any of the other techniques before, so as much as it has helped me, I’ve also learnt a lot. It’s honestly changed my life and that was with only three sessions! I believe I feel like a new person, a better version of myself, and I feel others would 100% benefit from Mind Makeover as well.

Mind Makeover has honestly changed my life in a way I couldn’t even imagine. I am incredibly grateful to Kim for taking the time to help me overcome my eating habits and my anxiety

My anxiety has played a huge negative role in my life since I was younger, controlling basically everything I did and stopping me from exploring new things and just living my life. 

I am currently on a weight loss journey and when I’m not meal prepping, the hardest part is to not just binge whatever I want. But Kim has shown me a technique that I now use every day to help me decide if a certain food is necessary to have and if it’s worth it in the long run.

Again, I am incredibly grateful and will definitely be recommending Mind Makeover to all my friends and family!!


The pressure of normal diets, and sticking to it, can be stressful. Mind Makeover helps you get through it without the pressure. Kim’s relaxing, soothing voice, delves deep into your subconscious, and begins the thinking for you about the food you want to eat, and need to eat. So, the pressure is relieved regarding you having to think about it yourself!

I think people need to experience this for themselves. It is the most relaxing and beneficial way of changing your day to day habits. The sessions that I spent with Kim helped me to relax and took away the stress and pressures of a normal diet. You also get a specialised service from Kim. It is nice to know that the face behind the voice cares and will take the time to discover where your issues stem from in the first place.

If Mind Makeover can help change my decisions about food/weight loss, then I recommend Mind Makeover for anything you need help changing about yourself.


I went to Mind Makeover to address my overeating and low self esteem issues. Kim made me feel very relaxed, which helped me open up to the process.  I gained a lot of valuable insight into my eating habits and, more importantly, the emotions behind why I overeat. I’ve started to lose weight but, more importantly, I feel better about myself and have noticed that I’m not reaching for my comfort foods as often. I’m feeling more confident in all aspects of my life and have gained the belief that I really can change things about myself that have been ingrained in me for many years. It definitely raises your awareness about what you do and why you are doing it which then, in turn, enables you to better address those issues. 

Kim’s level of insight is remarkable and helped me to build my own awareness.  I always felt very safe and relaxed during and after the sessions. The process works!  I’m currently reinforcing my new behaviours by listening to the recording that Kim did for me and would recommend her services to anyone wanting lasting change. 


I sought help from Mind Makeover for weight loss and reducing alcohol consumption & it’s like Kim switched a light switch on in my mind!

During the first step we did some goal setting on what I would like to achieve and what steps I’m going to put in place. It’s like these steps have become automated in my mind and I enjoy achieving them each day. The successful outcome to date is that I have stuck to my goal. The reduction in alcohol has made me feel more alive each day and I’m seeing/feeling weight loss. I am more alert and feel better in my clothes. I start the day positive and end the day positive. 

The most positive experience is that I am achieving what I had set out to do by myself so many times, but had failed. I just kept giving in and not achieving my goals. The whole experience has been positive. Kim has given me the missing link that I needed to achieve what I had set out to do so many times by myself, but just gave in. I knew what to do and how to achieve it, I just lost focus and commitment. Kim has given me the power to reach my goals.

I would highly recommend Kim and Mind Makeover. It has been a very positive and enjoyable experience. Kim is exceptional at what she does


The changes you made with me during your sessions, and after them, will stay with me for the rest of my life. The weight loss and, most importantly, control over anxiety, have already shifted dramatically. The change in attitude to myself and things in my life has been profound and will be ongoing.

Thank you Kim for your genuine care, professionalism and real changes you've brought into my life. The hypnotherapy and meditation recordings, as well as the tapping techniques, will be revisited and utilised for years to come. You're amazing!


I visited Mind Makeover to address overeating and eating mindlessly. It brought awareness around what I was eating and the bad choices I was making. 

Overeating is a habit and a crutch to lean on but taking time out to think about the WHY around it was beneficial to make better choices. 

Kim is very down to earth and doesn't mix her words with jargon.  She is very relatable and listens to You and hears You


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